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Xenia Super Codlivine


Super Codlivine is a refined fish liver oil based Vitamin, Amino Acid and Mineral Concentrate in meals form with added Vitamins A, D and E, plus iodine, specifically designed for feeding all types of horses and ponies.

Super Codlivine stimulates the intake of feed and promotes, maintains and improves the optimum bloom and condition of all types of horses.  It does not contain any form of drug or hormone and is perfectly safe to be fed to racehorses in training.

EquiSupreme Un-Tye


Equisupreme Un-tye helps to prevent tying-up, or Azoturia, and reduces muscle damage and fatigue.

Helps muscles work harder and longer and aids in reducing lactic acid, shortening recovery time.

EquiSupreme Anabolik


Equisupreme Anabolic is the perfect body builder for the equine athlete, maintaining the body’s peak performance under stress. It contains Creatine, a nutrient found naturally in the body, which bonds with phosphoric acid to form the high energy compound creatine phosphate.




Immune system booster and assists in repair of tissue and building of muscle.Dosage: 30g daily

Equifox Mass Gain Plus


Equifox Mass Gain Plus

Feed supplement that provides extra calories for optimal weight gain and fuel for energy without the heating effect. Horse over 350kg 1Cup Daily (250ml) Horses under 350kg half a cup per day (125ml)

Equifox Muscle – Up


Equifox Muscle – Up

Muscle-Up is the perfect body builder for the equine athlete, maintaining the performance body under work stress.